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Save Time Money and Hassle...

Don't pay your valuable employees to be tax experts.

Not all the costs of doing payroll in-house are immediately apparent. Not only do you have to pay your employees by the hour to calculate your payroll, you have to keep paying for software updates. In addition to this, employee fraud is easier to miss when your payroll is in-house. Then there are fines and penaleties if you didn't keep up with all the employment tax law changes.

Out-sourcing your payroll to a dedicated payroll service is an excellent option to keep your costs down. What happens when you recieve a notice from the IRS or the state? Who spends their time on the phone dealing with the issue? Your time is too valuable to spend in this way.

Let us do it for you!

Is your payroll complicated? No problem.

We can do detailed job costing, including certified payroll for a fraction of the cost.

Many bookkeepers and CPA's don't want to be tied down to payroll.

A payroll service is an excellent choice.

From payroll processing to time clocks and Worker's Comp, we have a solution for all of your payroll needs.

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