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Redwood Payroll Services
Downloadable Forms
All our set up forms are in .pdf form and can filled out using a Adobe Reader. You cannot save data typed into the forms, so you will have to print copies for your records and for submitting to us. Or you can download a pdf creator that allows you to print to a pdf file as if you were printing to a printer.
Paycheck Calculators
We have found these calculators to be useful. Please note that these are provided by an external site with advertising.
W-4 Assistant - Witholding Calculator
The Form W-4 Assistant Withholding Calculator takes you through each step of the process of completing a Form W-4. The Form W-4 helps your payroll department determine the correct Federal, and in some cases, state and local tax to be withheld from your paycheck. As the last step, you can print an official copy to give to the payroll department at your company.