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Redwood Payroll Services

We make payroll easy for you. You send us the employees' hours via fax, phone, or e-mail. We then calculate all the taxes for you and cut checks on your payroll account to your employees. We also cut tax checks for the taxes due. If you choose to have We then deliver it to you via priority mail or courier delivery. The packet includes all the checks, check envelopes, and payroll reports for your bookkeeper. You sign the checks and distribute them to your employees. The tax checks have their due dates printed on the stub. You can pay them immediately or hold them till they are due. We file all quarterly and yearly reports for you with the IRS and the State. We offer a number of options so you can customize the service to your needs.

Basic Payroll Service
This service includes the paychecks and envelopes, check register, tax liabilities report, and deduction register. We file your quarterly Federal 941 and California DE-9 reports as well as your annual FUTA and W-3 report. We also do your W-2's and DE 34 New Hire Reports.
After the Fact Payroll
With this service you can run your payroll yourself on your own bookeeping software, but we will do your quarterly Federal 941 and California DE-9 reports as well as your annual FUTA, W-3, W-2's, and 1099's. This is a good option if you want to keep the payroll process in house but avoid the hassles of filing with the government.
Signature Stamp on Checks
If you would rather not sign the checks, or have to be away on payroll day, we can load your signature into our computer and print your signature automatically on each check. You can even have us turn this signature on when you are away and turn it back off when you are in the office.
Worker's Comp
We offer worker's comp coverage through the E-comp program. This gives you the simplicity of integrated services at highly competitive rates. No deposit is required. The premium is calculated on the actual payroll, not estimates. The workers' compensation premium is automaticaly debited, no checks to write. There are no audit forms to complete. Provided through highly rated, full-service workers' compensation insurance providers.
This is an Internet-based solution that allows employees to clock in/out or view their time card conveniently over a a web browser from any authorized workstation. With IP filters employers can restrict which computers act as a time clock.

For more information on any of these services or a comprehensive quote, please contact us.